Human Impact on the Sea

Climate change, fishing, climate change and pollution have left a permanent mark on virtually all the world's oceans, according to a huge study that has mapped the entire human impact on the sea for the first time. Scientists found that almost no areas have been left spotless and that more than 40% of the world's oceans have been heavily affected. Throughout human existence we have depended on the oceans – for food, for recreation, as a waste dump, for economic opportunities and so on.

Oceans around the world are becoming degraded. Evidences displays that human activities, including the enormous fishing around the world, are changing the ocean ecosystems beyond their natural state. According to several scientific studies, fish, shellfish, and other important species are becoming endangered at many places. These alterations are decreasing the ocean’s capacity to provide food, maintain clean water, protect subsistence, and recover from environmental stresses like heavy storms.