Organisms of the Open Sea

The open ocean is an Enormous place. More than 90% of the space on earth is in the open ocean. For better understanding of this huge ecosystem, scientists had divided it into different zones; the epipelagic zone, the mesopelagic zone and the bathypelagic zone. There is a special zone called the hadopelagic that only exists in certain places around the world. Where deep, wide excavation occur in the flat seafloor, the open water that fills them is the hadopelagic zone. 

In open ocean there are many types of creatures including fish, whales, and sharks. Some animals have other ways of moving besides swimming. Such as squid propel themselves throughout the sea with a jet of water and flying fish can glide just above the water surface using fins shaped like wings. In some parts of the open ocean below where light can penetrate, there are fish and other animals such as giant squid. But as there is no sunlight, there are no algae to start food chains.