Ocean Biogeochemistry

Ocean Biogeochemistry is a part of ocean science dealing the trade and distribution of chemical components and elements among different living and non-living elements inside the ocean itself, and additionally between the sea and its neighbouring surroundings (for example, the climate and the land).

Biogeochemistry additionally alludes to the highlights, (for example, amounts, rates, space or time) of that trade and flow. For example, currently a quarter of carbon dioxide discharged into the air by burning petroleum products is consumed by the ocean, which contains around multiple times more carbon than the climate, the substance conduct of CO2 dissolved up in water, and the demand for CO2 in photosynthesis takes place in the ocean. Through its uptake and storage of Carbon, the ocean moderates a global warming. However, this control can be changed by the impact on changing atmosphere on the parts of the global ocean system that are associated with Carbon biogeochemistry.