Marine Ecology

Marine ecology is a part of Biological Oceanology which includes surveillance at cellular, biochemical, community and individual levels as well as it analyses the marine ecosystems and the biosphere as well. The Marine Ecosystem is uninterrupted and it is the system where there is absence of abiotic zones. Marine ecology is an interactive branch of ecology that deals with the structural as well as functional relationships within the marine organisms with their respective physiochemical surroundings, the ecological system is being distributed by human due to the continuous and inexhaustible interference.

Since our existence, we have depended upon the ocean for food, waste dumping etc. due to the involvement today the marine ecology has come to an endangered state killing thousands of species and their habitats. Scientists also revealed that due to increasing carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere result in greater absorption of carbon dioxide in oceans creating acidification to the ocean chemistry because of which the marine ecology is being hampered.